By Earley Studios, Dublin. c1950

Large alter stained glass window, comprising of 12 leaded and hand painted panels depicting JC on the cross with Mary and Joseph praying. Each panel is in excellent original condition.

The Earley family were involved with the decorative arts in some form from the 1840’s, being closely associated with A.W.N. Pugin and John Hardman of Hardman & Co. Birmingham. The Earley Ecclesiastical Studios were in existence from 1864 to 1975, providing a high standard of ecclesiastical art during the Gothic revival of the 1800s and the building of Catholic Churches which flourished in the first half of the 20th century.

At this time, the Earley studios were heavily influenced by the work of Irish Arts & Crafts artist Harry Clarke, using “Antique streaky” glass in rich deep colours, thick black paint lines, acid etching and stylised, often elongated, figures with sharp features.

This set of windows were removed from the chapel of St Winifred’s Nursing Home, Cardiff, Wales, prior to demolition.

Over-all size approximately  8ft 1″ high x 6ft wide – 2m 80cm h x 1m 83cm w