French, ca. 18th century triptych, comprised of burled veneer and black wood, with 3 Limoges porcelain panels. Center panel the Virgin Mary flanked by female saints, one holding a white lily. The left panel depicts a priest holding a Patriarchal cross and a female with rosary beads, the right panel depicts a King & Queen. Above the center panel is a pediment housing a Mother of Pearl inlaid cross on a panel of cobalt blue, lemon yellow and leaf green paste-glass inlays. Below, the doors are mounted on hinges inlaid with turquoise beads and cobalt blue and green paste glass. All 3 porcelain panels are signed.


Closed: 9½” high x 6½” wide – 24cm h x 16.5cm w

Open: 9½” high x 10″ wide – 24cm h x 25.5

Provenance: From the private collection of M. Reiniger, Chicago, IL