By Martin Travers (1886-1948)

Set of 5 leaded windows, each with hand painted script from Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Act 2, Scene 2. The other windows depict a mermaid riding a dophin, Cupid shooting an arrow, Titania Queen of the Fairies (depicted by Elizabeth 1st who was the queen at the time of the plays being written) and wimical shooting stars, Moon and snowflakes.

Oberon calls Puck to him and tells him a story. One night, Oberon was watching a mermaid riding on a dolphin’s back when he saw Cupid try to hit a royal virgin with one of his arrows. Cupid missed his target and instead hit a little white flower (a pansy) which then turned purple.

A scaib beetle has the letters “HMOT” on its back which are Travers initials (Howard Martin Otho Travers) and *May 1912* which is the date of the window were made.  All windows are leaded with “Antique” hand blowen glass of various tints, slight lead strap restoration which has kept the window in original condition. Decorative set of windows in maghony frames.

Martin Travers, was a significant figure in 20th-century English stained glass. These windows were made in the first half of 1912 when Travers was using a studio at Lowndes & Drury’s ‘Glass House’ in Fulham. On 13th May 1912, Karl Parsons (who occupied another studio at the Glass House) wrote in his diary ‘Travers doing a charming Queen Elizabeth fantasy’ refering to these five panels. 

We are grateful to Peter Cormack for additional information.

Frames Measure: 41½” high x 21¾” wide – 103cm h x 55cm w

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