St John is now sold

by Shrigley & Hunt

Two antique church stained glass windows. Both leaded and hand painted depicting Saints Mary & John. Behind the figures is a richly decorated backdrop of Pineapples, a symbol of Christianity. Lovely deep coloured glass, no fading to hand painting and in original condition.

Shrigley & Hunt: The firm of Shrigley’s originally began in Lancaster, England in the 1750’s manufacturing paintings, carvings and gilding. In 1868, control of Shrigley’s was passed to Arthur Hunt, a Londoner who ran a stained glass and decorating business in the south of England and in 1878  Shrigley’s became known as Shrigley and Hunt, still located in Lancaster, they also opened a showroom in London. The company
was still making stained glass up until 1980.

 Each Measures: 44¼” high x 18¼” wide – 112.5cm h x 46.5cm w