by Herbert William Bryans 1855-1925

Antique church stained glass predella dedication window, c1910. Leaded with hand painted glass depicting Pentecost (The Christian feast day of Pentecost is celebrated ten days after the Feast of the Ascension). Bryans stained glass signature, a running Greyhound, can be seen on the dedication scroll. Lovely quality, no fading, lead and glass in excellent original condition. 

A Predella is a small window attached under the main figure of a saint or scene and depicts a narrative series such as tales from the bible.

Herbert William Bryans 1855-1925 started his apprenticeship with Clayton & Bell, then working with C.E. Kempe, to whose work his glass is very similar, before starting his own glass studio in London in 1897.

Measurements: 22” high x 19¼” wide – 56cm h x 49cm w