By Walter Ernest Tower,  C. E Kempe and Co.

2 Antique Victorian Gothic Revival stained glass windows  c1904, each lancet window is leaded with central hand painted roundels depicting biblical scenes of various saints. Around each is a laurel wreath and Lilly flowers, with stylised quarries.  Super quality and in excellent original condition.

Measures: 56¼” high x 16¼″ wide – 143cm h x 41.5cm w

Walter Earnest Tower (1873–1955) was a cousin and pupil of Charles E. Kempe, on Kempe’s death in 1907, Tower took over the stained glass studio and renamed it C. E Kempe and Co., from that time he used a black tower above the golden garb as hes stained glass signature.

Windows removed from Stone House School, Broadstairs, Kent prior to conversion into apartments.

Price: £7,200 Pair