Three Antique Victorian leaded stained glass windows, each hand painted depicting scenes from Lord Alfred Tennyson’s verse “Idylls of the King”. The windows tell the story of Guinevere and Lancelot’s affair and the death of King Alfred.

First window depicts Guinevere meeting Lancelot, with an inscription “The Golden Days In Which She Saw Him First”. Above and below are branches of Lilac blossom.

Second window depicts Guinevere saying farewell to Lancelot “It Was Their Last Hour, The Madness Of Their Farewell”. Above and below are branches of Campanella flowers.

Third window shows Guinevere grieving in a convent on the death of King Arthur, with Lancelot in the distance.  “Her Heart Was Loose Within Her And She Wept” Above and below are branches of Blackberrys.

Each window has a decorative borders of Passion Flowers. Super quality, with all 3 in their original wooden frames and in excellent condition.

Frames Measure: 59½” high x 22½” wide – 151cm h  x 39cm w

Provenance: Removed from the inner hall at Highmead Mansion, Llanybydder in Carmarthenshire, Wales, during restoration.