By Swaine Bourne & Son

Decorative antique Victorian stained glass window, leaded with hand painted glass depicting a minstrel playing a medieval instrument. Restored and to original condition.

Measure: 27¼” high x 14″ wide -69cm h  x 35.5cm w

Swaine Bourne & Son (founded 1868)Firm founded by Swaine Bourne (died 1923). During the 1890s Frederick Louis Tait was the chief designer. Swaine Bourne was subsequently joined by his son Kendrick Swaine Bourne (1872-1960), a pupil of Henry Payne at Birmingham School of Art from 1888-91, who took over the firm after his father’s death in 1923. The firm had several addresses in Birmingham and on Tottenham Court Road in London.

Price: £2500