By Franz Xaver Zettler

Pair of antique Munich-style stained glass windows portraying two of the Arts; Music and Architecture. Each hand painted depicting full length Pre-Raphaelit female figures in Grecian style flowing robes, one holding a lyre harp and the other a triangle and compass.

The left Music window has a crack across the lower face section, but this has been double sided glued/bonded using specialized stained glass resin keeping the window in original condition. This window is also signed F.X. Zettler Munich

Each Measures: 48″ high x 17″ wide – 122cm h x 43cm w

Franz Xaver Zettler (1841-1916) was a German stained glass artist, he started his own stained glass design company in 1870 and he was son-in-law to another famous stained glass artist, Franz Mayer – Mayer & Co. of Munich.

Price: £12,000 Pair