By Heaton, Butler & Bayne

Large antique Victorian stained glass window, leaded with coloured glass hand painted depicting a scene from Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It” scene ll in the forest, with Touchstone, Celia and Rosalind. Below is and inscription from the play and above is “1601” the date the play was written. Lovely decorative window restored keeping it in original condition.

Heaton, Butler & Bayne (1852-1953) founded in 1852 by Clement Heaton (1824-82), James Butler (1830-1913) became a partner in 1855, and in 1862 Robert Bayne (1837-1915), who had designed for Clayton & Bell joined the partnership. The firm continued to be run by their sons until 1953.

Measures: 41″ high x 24¾” wide – 104cm h x 60.5cm w